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Saving Money on Essentials: Locksmiths

Saving Money on Essentials: Locksmiths

We’re all well aware that financial times are tough and that unexpected, unfortunate events in life do come up. There are some expenses that are difficult to avoid, like natural disaster repairs or healthcare costs. But for some things, you can at the very least be prepared – especially if you’re a homeowner. Living in a busy city like Bethesda, locksmiths are bound to be needed at some point – hopefully because you’re locked out, and not because your house has been broken into, but unfortunately you never know. Not only having a number on-hand, but knowing the least expensive locksmith in the area will make you thank yourself later. Here are a few tips on how you can save even more.

The Internet: Use It!

Never hire an essential service, such as a locksmith, without first looking at their website. Many even have social media accounts! This is the best way to find out if they’re running any deals at the moment, and believe it or not, businesses like these very frequently put up special offers. You might get 10% off your first service, or a free few miles if they have to travel. In any sense, it can save you a few bucks and help you get an understanding of the company.

Go Local

Some locksmiths charge for distance, and especially if you’re calling on a night, weekend, or holiday, you don’t want the bill to add up with extra charges. You can save money by calling the closest (reliable) locksmith, and you’ll also cut down on the amount of time you have to spend standing out in the cold.

Shop Around

When you get some free time, do some online comparisons and read reviews to find the best local deal. You’re bound to have a few in your area, so you might as well find the one that’s the speediest and the least expensive. Take down the number and you’ll be glad you did when an emergency comes up.

Be Prepared!

It’ll obviously be cheapest if you never have to call a locksmith at all. When you move into a new place, make sure you’ve got an ample security system and enough spare keys. The security system will help deter potential break-ins, and if you leave a spare key with close friends who live nearby, you won’t have to worry about paying someone to pick your locks! They’re simple preparations, but they pay off.

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Washington, DC / July 10, 2012 / AngiesList.com

“The bolt was stuck. Locksmith had to remove the entire lock and replace. The locksmith answered and provided same day service, which is a plus. Locksmith was punctual and very helpful. He came prepared to work and provide service quickly.” — Lisa Smiley

August 18, 2012 / AngiesList.com

“A saferoom door deadbolt lock was installed. The locksmith selected the lock capable of providing maximum protection, installed it masterfully, and removed all evidence of debris. He did this within a half hour with the utmost professionalism. Outstanding experience. I would strongly recommend this locksmith and will use him again.” — Jonathan Emord

20 Feb 2013 / Customer Lobby

“I called Keyed In and they came over immediately to assess the damage. Unfortunately, my front door handle is a "specialty" handle and had to be ordered. Keyed In worked with me to find the cheapest handle and worked around my schedule to come back to my house (9pm) to do the repairs once the new handle came in. They were professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone in need of a locksmith.” — Kory Dubayau

16 May 2013 / Customer Lobby

“Great experience, great company. I would highly recommend. I needed a lock replaced on the door leading out to my deck. The door is very heavy and the lock very old and it was stuck. Keyed In came out and said they could replace it. The guy gave me three options - a low price option, a middle price options, and a high price option. He then noticed that the handle on my screen door was broken. I thought I would have to replace the entire door but he said he could fix it for me. So not only did he do a great job with the door but he also saved me from having to buy and entire new screen door. It was a great experience.” — Dorothy Shildes

1/29/2014 / Yelp

“Foster Property Management in Washington DC has used Keyed In for the past 6 months. They are responsive, efficient and most of all cost effective. As a property manager, our business is based on the quality of our vendors. Keyed In is the best in the business and we appreciate them as part of the vendor team.” — Jean P.