The bolt was stuck. Locksmith had to remove the entire lock and replace. The locksmith answered and provided same day service, which is a plus. Locksmith was punctual and very helpful. He came prepared to work and provide service quickly.

Lisa Smiley


The bolt was stuck. Locksmith had to remove the entire lock and replace. The locksmith answered and provided same day service, which is a plus. Locksmith was punctual and very helpful. He came prepared to work and provide service quickly.

Lisa Smiley


Changed lock cylinder; opened door lock. Excellent service, within 30 minutes arrived, professional, honest and fixed the problem.

Sara Ainsworth


Excellent response. On time. Quick efficient repair. Good advice on new things. Shay responded immediately. Came on time. Replaced two locks, efficiently. Very Fair price. Very professional.

Anne Dawson


Broken Lock. On time. Great job. Good customer service. Would call again. Happy + Pleased.

Greg Lyms


Change locks for house. Arrived promptly, Preformed good work.

Thomas Milligan


Replaced locks. Very quick and professional. I would use this company again.

Nicole Elliott


Changed out my patio gate lock from a key lock to a turn lock + took out a rusted pad lock that I had on my window. Shay called me immediately after I sent an email & came the next day. He promptly did his work & even suggested someone who may be able to weld a collar to the gate. He was friendly.

Jacquelyn Brown


Unlock the door. Shay was here within 15 minutes and got us in right away.

Cameron Raiz


Provided rekeying for my new place. Great! Technician was on time, Courteous, and very efficient. Would highly recommend.

Corey Walz


Super fast + painless.

Sarah Horne


Changed lock on door (4) on new house. Gave suggestions; options clearly; helpfully. He was on time, friendly, knowledgeable; had a sense of hummer. He was great overall. It was a bit more than we expected but he walked w/us on cheaper options.

Torrence Thomas


Opened door after I was locked out. Arrived in 30 minutes. Got the door open shortly thereafter.

Daniel Low


New lock, deadbolt and plate. Roy, was fantastic! Completed a project that no one had been able to do and did it so well and conscientiously. Roy, was excellent!

Suzanne Slade


Both locks on apartment door changed to high security locks. Everything went wonderfully. Roy was nice and professional. Excellent.

Brian Szente


A saferoom door deadbolt lock was installed. The locksmith selected the lock capable of providing maximum protection, installed it masterfully, and removed all evidence of debris. He did this within a half hour with the utmost professionalism. Outstanding experience. I would strongly recommend this locksmith and will use him again.

Jonathan Emord


Added entry levers with locks to four doors in our office and keyed them. Shay provided a very honest and reasonable estimate up front. He was here to do the work in 24 hours, and did a quick and excellent job. Will definitely keep him on file!

Kyle Saleh


Rekeyed screen door to match the other doors in the house. Leo showed up on time; He rekeyed the screen door, and everything was done quickly and worked fine.

Charles R. Johnson


Replacement of dead bolts x 3. Very well. Professional, Informative and efficient. Shay demonstrate excellent and intelligent customer service.

Anne Geiger


Removal of laptop lock. He came and sawed off the lock no problem.

Katie Andrews


Removed lock from dead bolt and replaced lock as well. Repairs were perfectly done and well explained throughout. Prompt service and super fast repairs. Would highly recommend. Very impressed and pleased.

Brett Hodgkins


Change locks. Leo was very nice and explained every process he performed. He made knowledgeable recommendations and it was a great experience.

Gwen Hancock Woods


Changed the dead bolt and doorknob of apartment door. A few days prior I thought I had been locked out but hadn’t. They responded immediately so when I decided to change the locks I knew who to call. Again they were very prompt and professional.

Katherine Sandoval



Re-key / replace locks throughout entire house. Using the ratings in Angies List, I selected Keyed In to re-key / replace the locks throughout my new home. We took possession of the home on the Saturday of a holiday weekend (Labor Day). Despite the holiday weekend, I had a technician (Leo) at my home within an hour of the call – and he did quick and great work. The price was reasonable, the work was excellent, and the timing and convenience could not have been better. I highly recommend this firm for future work from those on Angies List. Thanks for the good work.

Katherine Sandoval






Opened a locked car door. After I managed to lock both my keys and wallet (containing my spare key) in my Saturn Vue, I spent over an hour trying to break in to my own car. It’s not as easy as it was, back in the day. I finally relented and looked up locksmiths in Angie’s List. KeyedIn LLC wasn’t the closest, but their web site looked professional and it mentioned car lock-outs, and 24 hour emergency service. I called at about 9:40 p.m. and ‘Leo” arrived at my house within half an hour. It took him all of 10 minutes, including the bill write-up. He was very professional, polite and friendly. He gave me a discount for being an Angie’s List member (which I returned to him as a tip). What began as a frustrating and embarrassing mistake, ended relatively painlessly.









Keyed In was great. I just moved into a new house and needed to have the locks rekeyed. I submitted requests for information/estimates to two locksmith companies on Angie’s List. Leo from Keyed In called me within a few hours of the request for information and came out to do an estimate a few hours later. I never heard back from the other company. Leo came out and offered me a 15% discount for being an Angie’s List referral. He did an estimate and then offered an additional discount since I already had the master lock. He installed this for “free” so my bill was reduced from around $300 to $220. What makes this experience go above and beyond is that Leo needed to change the cylinder on one of my locks but we didn’t have the keys. My real estate agent, in McLean, VA, had the keys. Leo went to McLean to pick up the keys from her and was able to complete the job. There was no additional charge for this trip out there. Leo was very knowledgeable, professional, and punctual. I would definitely recommend them for your locksmith needs.

A Phelps





Re-keyed one door. Installed a new combo set on another door. The technician arrived on-time and was professional throughout our interaction. After I showed him the locks that we needed re-keyed, he asked for one of the original keys. He waited patiently while I rummaged for one and ultimately called my husband at work for details printed on his keys. The locksmith then provided a clear, itemized estimate for each task and thoughtfully pointed me to Angie’s List of the 15% coupon, saving me $50. Then, he went about completing the tasks efficiently, finishing everything and providing me a new set of keys in about 30 minutes.

Seth Green


Deadbolt & lock service. Very good, excellent service and great customer service. Will use your employee again for any lock problems.

Mary Adamih


Requested an estimate and work for rekeying two locks. Leo was straight forward about work and pricing. Called, and in 30 mins arrived. Service was friendly and effective.

Hau Bui


Re-keyed two locks and replaced a third. The locksmith was right on time and checked our locks. He actually recommended re-keying, which saved us money. He did a great job.

Laura Hassler


New lock. Adjustments to two after locks / latches. Locksmith was timely, efficient, performed the work satisfactorily. Price was reasonable even without the $80 coupon I had.

Thomas Genis


Emergency lock put on ruined door. Excellent. Polite, prompt service, arrived quickly and finished the job in no time. Good advice from Leo too.

Anna Barelie


Replaced locks on doors. Went fantastic, came quickly and service was top notch. Would absolutely recommend their service

Mike Muldoon









The knob of my deadbolt came off in my hand so i had to have a new lock installed. While the locksmith was there i went ahead and had him replace the doorknob as well.  A locksmith was able to come out within a few hours of my call and they were able to perform the work on the spot. They initially gave me a two-hour window when I made the appointment but Roy called en route with an ETA and he even called from the parking lot to check on visitor parking. He was very prompt! There were complications due to the age of the door and previous work that had been performed, but Roy had a can-do attitude and came up with a brilliant workaround refashioning the existing hardware. It took less than an hour. Roy worked very efficiently and was very polite and courteous. Very pleasant experience! I would recommend this company to friends.

— Beverley Stanton




Had a room-mate recently move out & as a result, I had security concerns. Had called for an estimate, not really expecting to be serviced the same day, but Keyed In LLC was able to accommodate me & complete the job on the same day. They reported on time & were professional & efficient. My questions were answered respectfully & honestly & I appreciated the fact that they did not try to sell me anything more than what I actually needed. They also gave me a 15% discount because I had found them on Angie’s List.

— Mary Anne Valerio


Keyed In LLC had replaced all the locks in my home, after three months one of the locks failed. Roy David came out that day to repair the broken lock even though the warranty period had just expired and impressed me with his service and professionalism.

— Thomas Milligan


I recently moved into a home that had a security door and a regular entry door in my kitchen that were locked with no key. I needed both sets of locks removed in order to gain access to my home from that door. Guy (the locksmith sent to assist me) was fantastic! He arrived on time and had a wonderful demeanor and was very enthusiastic. He walked around with me to the interior and exterior of the doors and described the locks. Since this was a more difficult situation than most, he explained how they would have to be removed and replaced by his company or by me. I was quoted the price before he performed any service and even after the lengthy process of dissembling the locks, the quoted price was still honored.

— Elonda Blount


Guy, the technician, rekeyed 7 locks and replaced some that could not be rekeyed. He was excellent, testing everything. Very easy to work with. As there was some unexpected expense, due to the new locks, he was very accomodating on the price. Overall an excellent company that I would highly recommend. I will certainly use them again if I need service. It went very well. No “don’ts”. Only “do” is hire them. From the initial call to the work to a follow up question, all was excellent.

— Elisa Munoz


Charging & rekeying 4 locks. Overall the service went well, keyed in way on time, helped me save some money and the quality of the work was very good.

— Andrew Connell


Keyed in LLc changed all of the locks and door knocks/dead bolts on all 4 doors in our house. Shay was very professional friendly, knowledgeable and honest an excellent company with excellent products & services.

— Keren West



Came to unlock glove box but showed us how the keys we had were awful and why and what it could do to the locks. So he made a factory key, fixed the trunk lock and opened the glove box. Member Comments: Well, Roy was very personable- not pushy, considerate of my son running around. Got to work and everything works great now.

— Maribeth Vasilkov



Three doors with pick proof locks installed; lock plates; one double patio door. Prompt in coming for an estimate; detailed explanation of work and price; quick schedule to complete; careful instruction in what was done and how to use. Provided basis for follow-up.

— Melissa Hardy


He replaced a Stryker lock and all new fixtures, knob and handles on an outer entrance door. There was damage to the wood of the frame and he repaired that. The door also had to be trimmed as it was sticking. He also replaced the locks on the second entrance door with dead bolts, all of commercial quality, and synchronized the locks so that the same key would fit both locks. This young man was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable about his work. He explained everything he needed to do and gave me the estimate, however, we did make changes in the choices of materials along the way, which added to the cost. He worked diligently and tirelessly to complete the task, going above and beyond the call of duty. I was very pleased!

— Mary Jacobs


The door knobs and lock sets on our back door had gradually become non-functional. I called and a locksmith showed up within 30 minutes. He took the mechanisms apart, carefully explained our options (replace or repair). We chose to have new lock sets installed, which he did on the spot. The technician was pleasant and friendly, worked quickly and cleaned up. I could not have asked for better service and I would recommend this company without hesitation.

— David Wood



Contracted to install combo lock for exterior and interior doors of multi-unit building. Shay was punctual for our appointment. He was thorough in his building security lock inspection and explained everything in detail. Provided a detailed quote & offered Angie’s List member discount. I am very pleased with the job.Shay is a trustworthy professional.

— Connie Antonio


When my front door handle broke 2 weeks ago I immediately searched Angie’s List to find someone to repair it. I was a bit skeptical at first because Keyed In is a locksmith and I needed someone to replace a front door handle, which I thought were two very different jobs. I called keyed in and they came over immediately to assess the damage. Unfortunately, my front door handle is a “specialty” handle and had to be ordered. Keyed In worked with me to find the cheapest handle and worked around my schedule to come back to my house (9pm) to do the repairs once the new handle came in. They were professional, friendly and very knowledgable. I would definately use them again and recommend them to anyone in need of a locksmith.

— Traci Willie


I just moved into a new neighborhood and there were a lot of robberies in the area in a short period of time, so I had someone come out to do a security inspection. He was very knowledgable and professional and walked around the entire house to assess the windows and doors and locks. I ended up having top of the line “un-pickable” locks installed on all the doors. It didn’t take them long at all and they made sure that everything was installed well. The initial consult went well. He was thorough and very knowledgable. The installation process went very smoothly. About three weeks later, I had a problem with one of the door handles. It was an issue with the doors already installed in the house not the locks they installed. Someone came out the next day and fixed the problem very quickly. He said to call him again if I had any problems at all.

— Katherine Hazelrigg



Installed 3 new locks and hardware. Guy came on time and was professional and pleasant. The job was tougher than expected as it was an old house and needed custom hardware. They were responsive to all concerns and even returned free of charge to install another lock.

— Gary Einhorn


Re-key locks & installed new locks. Guy was extremely helpful. He identified an entry point to our home that was vulnerable to break-in and came back after his shift was technically over to make sure the situation was taken care of.

— Kimberly DeLaquil



Guy came to our home within an hour of our call and fixed our sliding glass door lock. He provided a quote which I thought was very fair, was very nice and clearly he has a great work ethic. We would absolutely use them again. Great. No complaints, Guy did a great job, fixed our lock for the price quoted which was very fair.

— Christie Gavin


Changed multiple lock mechanisms on antique doors and fixed front door lock. Keyed, inquired only hours after I called and completed a lengthy and complicated job in the same day. They were friendly, professional and efficient.

— Mike Ravvin



After having a lot of contractors in and out of my house, I had 8 locks that I wanted to have rekeyed. The locksmith arrived promptly, reviewed the entire project, and provided what I felt like was a fair price for the amount of work. I agreed with his cost, so he spread out his tools and got to work. The task was completed in a reasonable amount of time, with minimal disruption to the other goings-on in the house. He was very pleasant and focused. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone in need, and will be calling them again should the need arise.

— Laura Spofford



Keyed In LLC (specifically Chay) was wonderful to do business with. They were immediately responsive to my initial inquiry email and were able to set up a consultation within short notice during the exact date/timeframe I’d requested – excellent customer service! When Chay arrived for the consultation, he was able to quickly examine my request and provide an instant quote. He’d also come prepared to fulfill the request on the spot, which I opted to do. Not only did he have my door lock changed within minutes, but he also provided me with two keys. Overall, a very positive experience. Chay was professional, friendly, and responsive. My only critical feedback is that I had a 15% Angie’s List coupon, and even with the coupon, I felt the price to be touch high. But sometimes excellent customer service and immediate responsiveness outweighs this, as was the case here. Thank you Keyed In LLC and Chay! I will definitely recommend you to friends and neighbors and will keep you in mind for future locksmith needs!

— Casey Chroust



Re-Keyed locks, replaced a non functioning lock. Keyed In did a great job rekeying my locks on newly purchased home. 17 locks plus they replacedone for free and did a home security review. Overall very happy with their work and having the number of keys down to just 4 for the whole house! They are really pros.

— Sean Kelly


We have a steel file cabinet that got locked/jammed. The technician got the drawers to open and lubricated the tracks. The technician called a little while before arriving, so we knew when to expect him. He was efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly.

— Elise Jaffe




Gentleman from Keyed In LLC arrived to my home a few minutes early, walked me through all of my options and was very clear about pricing and options. He then gave me a great deal on the items i purchased and finished the work work quickly. New locks look great and work as advertised. We had just moved into our new home so wanted to switch out the locks as soon as possible. They scheduled an appointment for the same day and got the work done same day. Great Experience

— Robert Henr




We needed all of our exterior locks replaced. The technician arrived on time and was courteous. He explained our options in sufficient detail ,and although he did make a few recommendations, we felt no pressure to take those recommendations (although I think we did follow his advice). When he didn’t have a needed part on hand, he promptly obtained the part without causing us any inconvenience. We would definitely use the service again.

— Jason Rebholz



An entry door to my building was not closing/latching properly due to a problem associated with the strike plate. The technician came out, addressed the problem quickly, and the door was latching properly again in no time. Despite the fact I was calling on a Saturday morning AND just a few days before Christmas, the operator was very responsive. They provided an accurate service response window of only 2 hours. The technician who arrived onsite was very professional and seemed to have an in-depth understanding of the issue and remedied it quickly. They outlined the work, explained the cost, and handled the entire transaction using a mobile app which I thought was very slick. They seem committed to quality work and using the best technology. Overall, would highly recommend using Keyed In for all future locksmith needs.

— Suzanne McCue


Service call and repair of existing door handle; installation of new lock. Showed up on time. Cordial, knowledgeable, reasonably priced. Met my need to have the work done soon!

— Leslie Wiley



Door locks were broken The Lock was replaced and two new locks were installed. Security door lock was repaired. Guy – came to my house and looked at the locks. Offered to repair and replace the locks which he did. He also gave me a very reasonable price! Excellent service! He worked with my budget!

— Judy Gough


Replaced five locks. Shay was responsive, on time and professional. He explained all options well and we had our new locks in approx 2 hours.

— Claudia Hrvatin


Locks to house changed. Service was great! Locksmith, was here 20 minutes after call and and the locks were changed within the hour. Would recommend.

— K L MacDiarmid














Changed 3 locks– put them all on the same key. I called on the 29th to set the appointment for between 2pm and 4pm on 1/2. On 1/2 the locksmith, Guy, called at about 1:40pm to say he was in traffic and would be at my home within 40 mins and he arrived at about 2:30pm. My tenant was still moving out with police assistance so there was a lot going on when Guy arrived (terrible situation, but Guy was very patient and understanding). Guy immediately discussed the various options and price points, as I initially only wanted the locks re-keyed. After reviewing options, I decided to get one lock replaced on each door. Guy worked quickly and was done within 40 mins. He also provided consultation on adding a lock on my bedroom door, but that was not an option at the time– he advised me to go to home depot to get one of the universal old keys for the existing 1930’s lock. Not only was Guy extremely professional and fast, he was very kind and patient as my attention was initially focused on responding to police requests to monitor the tenant move out to make sure she didn’t steal anything (else). He even gave me pointers on how to get rid of a black eye (again from the tenant), as he was used to them from his time in the Israeli army. What a cool guy! I would recommend Guy and Keyed In a million times over. I couldn’t have asked for better service or professionalism.

— Algene Sajery


I needed a new keyed locks installed in my apartment’s steel front door and steel back door. I needed locks installed that required keys on both sides of the lock to lock and unlock. I will use this company again if I require locksmith services. They arrived on time, had the necessary parts, and they even swept up after they finished. I have their business card taped to my refrigerator.

— Tim Britt


Dead bolt and door knob with lock installed. Door drilled to adept new hardware. Locksmith was very respectable and knowledgable. Listened to my plan of action and completed the work.

— Bruce Clark


New locks on all doors with matching keys. Guy was courteous and explained all of the details on work he was going to do. He was quick and professional. The usage and warranty information was explained.

— Brad Cohen


Install/replace three locks on two front doors in condo in building. Impressed that he was on time at 8:00 A.M. for 8-10 A.M. window. Showed me options for various locks and then performed work. He stayed long time to do the job right and I appreciated that.

— Chris Franks


Replace a lock on a garage door. Keyed In did a nice job. They built the new lock cylinder around the old keys which we needed because the door is at a church with lots of keys in use.

— Allison Giles


Locked out of house, opened the house and estimate for replacing knob lock with no key. Shay arrived within 15 minutes and completed the job quickly. Timeliness was much appreciated.

— Alejandra Mares


I used Keyed In to repair two locks at my house. They were great and I did not spend too much money. I was very pleased with their service; they were on time, their work was good and I will use them again.

— Timothy Yehl




Nice serviceman named Guy. He called to ask if he could come by a little earlier, which worked out very well for us as we had scheduled at late appointment. Guy was nice, courteous and explained exactly what we were getting for our money. We also received a 90 day warranty on all the locks. We had 2 deadbolts and 2 handle locks installed on our new house. Overall great experience and would book them again.

— Danielle Paula












BEST Locksmith Experience Ever. We had been living in our condo for a year as renters and had just purchased it a few weeks ago. We had a non-functional deadbolt and a cheap door handle, so one of my first priorities was getting a new set installed. We’d also started having problems with the door opening on its own, even when it was locked. I called Keyed In, expecting to have to wait awhile for the appointment, but was able to get one right away. Guy called me the morning of my service appointment, letting me know that he could come earlier in the day if it worked with my schedule. I had to work, so I didn’t end up having him come by much earlier than my 7 p.m. appointment, but it was great that he reached out to me to see if I needed the service done faster. Guy clearly explained to me how he could address the problems we were having and replace the lock. It took him a very short time to replace everything. I also found him to be a really nice person; we had a great conversation about our cats, living in DC and his time in the military. I would highly, highly recommend Keyed In to anyone needing locksmith services. I intend to call them for any of our future locksmith needs. It made me wish I hadn’t waited to get the locks changed!

— Lisa Manson



Replaced (2) outside access doors with new locks & matched keys. Re-keyed (3) existing lock cylinders. I needed to replace re-key all the locks in my town home (4) doors each with 2 locks each. I bought on-line coupon , scheduled appointment they arrived on time. He offered helpful suggestions to change the 2 lock system on the outside doors with windows that could reach the locks to a 1 – dual keyed method thus reducing the total re-keys required. Nice worker and pleasant company to do business with.

— Michael Comis


Installed new locks; re-keyed locks; installed patio door locks. Could not be better; they were quick to install additional locks at the last minute.











Replaced locks on three external doors (5 locks total) Excellent service. After a set of house keys was stolen, we needed our external locks rekeyed. I called the next morning for a visit the same day, and the tech arrived an hour earlier than originally quoted (after calling and confirming that the time was good for me). The tech was friendly, honest, and efficient. He did a quick survey (after identifying an older lock that would likely take much more work (and money), he didn’t pressure me to have it fixed, as it was paired with a deadbolt that he was already going to replace) and gave me a quote. After starting work, he realized two of the locks were an older model that would also require a much greater effort. So he offered to replace all 5 locks with new hardware (instead of rekeying them) for a modest amount more than quoted. After agreeing to the new price, he went to work quickly and in no time had replaced all five locks.

— Dan Trombley


Guy replaced my front door locks, my back door locks, and my basement exit door locks. He was incredible! He worked efficiently, educated us about the process and materials, and was even kind enough to help us with a totally separate project we were working on. (His lending an extra pair of hands made that other home improvement project possible!)

— Kate Geyer


Replaced the Front, Garage, Basement Door, and Shed door locks. The technician Guy, came on time as advertised. He performed the work quickly and without any major setbacks. His knowledge and skill sets are very impressive. This company will also provide future support on locks they install for FREE. They are a bit pricey, but you do get what you pay for. If you want quick, skilled, and top notch customer service, go with Keyed IN LLC for your locksmith needs. You will NOT be disappointed!

— Sean McCauley


They came out and replaced the front door dead bolt. The service was prompt efficient and well done. The price was a bit on the high side but the door works better than it has since 2003. In the past the lock would be hard to open or close based on weather. Now it is smooth as glass. Locksmith arrived on time. He was good about calling first. He was polite and efficient. Only issue was his loss of a credit card reader which required me to then find a cheque book. (A thing I seldom use these days). He was very concerned for my comfort and security promising that this was of primary importance to him and his company.

— Daniel Premack


Keyed in LLC was excellent. Provided fast response (we were leaving the country and had to quickly get our front door locks fixed (replaced) and re-keyed. I made the call late in the day the day before. I got a call back later that evening. Was very responsive and fast. Thank you!

— Francis Beadle


I was searching around for a decent price rekey given a purchase of a new house. KeyedIN was responsive and offered same day service. Once the technician arrived, he evaluated the doors and locks , and broke down the cost and service fee. It was quick and seamless.

— Abenaa Addei


Installed new deadbolt and regular lock in front door. The locksmith was upfront, honest, and gave thorough justification for his recommendations (installing a brand new regular door knob lock instead of changing the lock on the old one). His work was done in a timely fashion with regular updates on how things were going and changing. For example, he estimated the cost of drilling into a metal door (his initial assessment) and then changed his pricing later once he realized the door was filled with foam and not metal all the way through.

— Christin Green


The service went well. They were prompt and courteous. I would definitely use them again. The workers were friendly and knowledgeable.

— Catherine Szenczy






Something I really liked about Keyed In was that all their prices were preset. He didn’t make numbers up off the top of his head or look it up in a book he wouldn’t show me. This has happened to me before. Instead, he showed me the drop-down menu on his tablet, showed me which services I would be receiving and what they cost, and showed me different options which I could opt in or out of. He even took some money off when he realized the job would be different than originally thought. I felt very well taken care of. He was very honest.

— Christin Green


Technician showed us options for new lock sets and gave us pros and cons of each. He later installed the units we chose. We were very satisfied with the quality of the lock sets we purchased and the professionalism of the technician who did the installation.

— Edward Czajkowski







Removal of old door lock. Installation of new lock, with additional modification of lock site. Guy was excellent, very professional. Explained what the job would entail. When the lock we purchased did not work, he sold us a more expensive, but much more secure lock. We are very happy with the outcome. He also cleaned up, and disposed of all trash. Will definitely use Keyed In’s services again. It went very well as described above, the old lock was removed and a new lock was installed after reconditioning the site. Everything was handled in a professional manner by Guy. He explained the work to be done, performed the installation, and cleaned up the area he worked in. We are all pleased with the job done and would use Keyed In’s services again!

— Deidre Padmore





Keyed In LLC performed several re-keys, installed new locks and bolts. They also improved 2 door frames.  All staff were professional and punctual. I had one recurring issue with one knob and Keyed In LLC honored warranty and came back (December 2012 and again in April 2013) to repair the issue. Staff were excellent, explained the issue, and repaired it. I would recommend them and will use them again.

— Donald Cohn



Angie’s List Deal – High Security Deadbolt with Installation PLUS Security Inspection. Guy (his name) was punctual, professional and quick and knew what he was doing. He clearly explained everything that he was doing and did a good job installing my new deadbolt. Highly recommended.

— John Girgenti


Replace two doorknobs with locks plus dead bolt. Sanded one door so shut properly and adjusted some so it could not pull door open even when locked. Adjusted frame on other door so lock included dead bolt worked smoothly. Demonstrated how this new door locks work.  Very well, on time, received a call prior to let me know he was on this way. Work preformed well with good results. Like how these locks work, previously used to jiggle them quite a bit to get them to open and close. Provided good security recommendations. Very professional, appreciate that he shared his knowledge on keeping unit secure with the work to be done for door secures and insulation as well. Will be using them in the future.

— J Andree Brady


Replacement key for 2006 Toyota.  All work done on time and very professional. Great guys from company.

— Michael Finn




I lost my house keys. My front door locks, back door, steel door & interior & exterior basement door locks were changed including door openers. Also 2 gate padlocks were cut because the key was lost. I telephoned (Saw ad in verizon) & spoke with a technician. Service commenced w/in 2 hours. Guy provided a comprehensive estimate & full explanations of the products, which were promptly installed. Service was outstanding & I would recommend this firm & great service.

— Deborah T Ambers




We just moved into a new house and wanted the locks changed and upgraded. The technicians did a thorough inspection and offered a range of priced-out options for meeting our goals.  After selecting the products we wanted to use, a 2-person crew arrived the very next day to install everything. It was done professionally and to our satisfaction. Would definitely recommend Keyed In LLC!

— Florence Cohen



Replaced a lock on my deck door and fixed the handle on my screen door.  I am more than pleased with my experience. I called them on 5/13 around 3:30 PM and they said they could come between 4PM-6PM, which I thought was amazing. They ended up having to reschedule to between 8PM-9PM, which was just fine. The guy called me 30 minutes in advance and showed up on time. He inspected my broken lock and gave me three options to replace it, a low level, mid level and high level security option. I went with the medium option. He quoted me a price of $99. He then looked at my outside screen door which had a broken handle, I didn’t ask him to repair it or even look at it, but he said he could fix it for me – which was great! I thought I would have to replace the entire door but instead he fixed it for me. The new lock he put on my interior door looks great and works so much better than my old lock. I am very, very pleased with the level of service, attention to detail, and the fact that he took the time to repair a door handle. I will definitely use this company again

— Dorothy Shields




Replaced old door locks with high security locks with laser cut keys.  Arrived in a timely manner. I was offered several options prior to choosing my new locks and each one was explained with it’s pro’s and con’s. I decided to spend the extra money for the extra security. Provider was very polite and courteous and spent the time I needed with me to explore my choices. Provider told me to call 24/7 with any questions or concerns. All of my expectations were met! I would definitely recommend Keyed In to my friends and family.

— Dawn Payne


Locked keys, wallet and phone in scooter- he came out and made a new key so I could get in. It went great! They were prompt, courteous and made a really stressful situation less stressful. And- I got my stuff out of the scooter.

— Deanna Church



High security dead bolts installed on two doors. Member Comments: Shay was professional, courteous and helpful when initially called and delivered on every promise. He helped me find an affordable solution that fit my special needs. I highly recommend him and Keyed in LLC.

— Lisa Crayton







I called Keyed In LLC when I wanted to have the locks changed at my house. I was going to be home from work for a furlough, so I thought it would be a good time to do it. They were able to come within the 24 to 48 hours of the time I called. Shay was really very professional. After he changed the locks, he cleaned up. I think he even pulled out my vacuum to clean up. I appreciated that. A couple weeks later a key kept getting stuck in one of the locks. I called him, and he came out that same afternoon. I really appreciated his quick response. It turned out it was a faulty lock, so it wasn’t anything he did. He replaced it for me free of charge. Keyed In is very reliable, and they stand behind their work. They are responsible and responsive!

— Leslie Hunter






I had an excellent experience with Keyed In LLC. They replaced six locks for me, and I was very happy with them. It was my first time using them, and everything turned out fine. Their service is top-shelf. They were courteous, on time and they came back when I needed additional locks put in. I couldn’t have asked for anything more in regards to their service. But the locks were very expensive, and I didn’t even get the highest quality locks available. I paid $1,000 dollars for six locks. That’s a lot of money, but if I had to do it again, I would call these guys. Just understand that it’s not inexpensive.

— David Mosser


I called one morning because I had a problem with my lock. Keyed in LLC came out the same day and did most of the job that day. They didn’t have some parts in stock at the time, so when they got the parts they returned to finish the job. They were very responsive. It was high level service at a reasonable cost.

— Mike R.


Changed deadbolt, freed up card, and repaired lock. Excellent. Came within two hours of call. Estimate given before service.

— Jamie Pound


I have been very pleased with them. On two or three different occasions I had locked myself out of my office. They responded quickly, and helped me get back inside in a short amount of time.

— Lois H.


Replaced locks on front and back doors.  Arrived early and gave us a great deal. The work looks great.

— Robert Henry



The lock work that the contractor performed the first time had to be redone after the tenant moved in. What really impressed me was that when he was asked to return and look at the locks to see what was wrong, he returned and was very courteous to me and the tenants. He all the necessary corrections and the tenants and I are very pleased with his service.

— Linda Burton


Very pleased with the level of service and helpfulness of technician Review Details The work involved an old and complex lock. The service individual was diligent and explained what he was doing throughout the process.

— Paul Tatton







When my front door handle broke 2 weeks ago I immediately searched Angies List to find someone to repair it. I was a bit skeptical at first because Keyed In is a locksmith and I needed someone to replace a front door handle, which I thought were two very different jobs. I called keyed in and they came over immediately to assess the damage. Unfortunately, my front door handle is a “specialty” handle and had to be ordered. Keyed In worked with me to find the cheapest handle and worked around my schedule to come back to my house (9pm) to do the repairs once the new handle came in. They were professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone in need of a locksmith.

— Kory Dubayau


Keyed In helped me get a key for a lock I needed for my front door. They worked around my schedule to come in and install it. They were nice, friendly, and professional. I will use them again, if I need to.

— Traci W.




This was my first time using Keyed In LLC. I had scheduled an appointment and they were delayed, however they did call to keep me abreast of their arrival. The technician was very knowledgeable and polite. He gave me three different options with three different price ranges. There was no pressure and I felt comfortable picking the one that was right for my needs. The process was very quick and easy.

— Allisa Peruzzini






Something I really liked about Keyed In was that all their prices were preset. He didn’t make numbers up off the top of his head or look it up in a book he wouldn’t show me. This has happened to me before. Instead, he showed me the drop-down menu on his tablet, showed me which services I would be receiving and what they cost, and showed me different options which I could opt in or out of. He even took some money off when he realized the job would be different than originally thought. I felt very well taken care of. He was very honest.

— Christin Green






Great experience, great company. I would highly recommend. Review Details I needed a lock replaced on the door leading out to my deck. The door is very heavy and the lock very old and it was stuck. Keyed In came out and said they could replace it. The guy gave me three options- a low price option, a middle price options, and a high price option. He then noticed that the handle on my screen door was broken. I thought I would have to replace the entire door but he said he could fix it for me. So not only did he do a great job with the door but he also saved me from having to buy and entire new screen door. It was a great experience.

— Dorothy Shildes



Excellent new locks. Review Details The technician from Keyed In arrived promptly on time. He was very knowledgeable and courteous. The work he performed was done quickly, especially considering the amount of work he did. The locks he installed look good and he gave us the exact product we wanted.

— Mark Vandroff



Keyed In LLC is an easy locksmith company to use. We had called them when our front door lock was broken and they fixed it by replacing it for us. The man they sent out was not only quick but on-time, careful, and attentive to detail. He was in and out and we would recommend them highly!

— Andrew L


Didn’t complicate a simple project Review Details Keyed in LLC has good customer service and a fast response. It was a basic job, they installed a lock on our office doors. They kept a simple project, simple.

— Jessie Morgan