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Security Garage Doors


Keyed In Garage Doors Offer Long term savings, Increased Home Value and are Made in the USA!

Investing in the right garage door for your home or business can produce significant long term savings. Keyed In garage doors are proven to last longer than standard models, with some even coming with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Choosing the best garage door for your home can increase energy efficiency while also significantly reducing potential repair costs over the long-term. The result is you save money on utilities and you save money on the typical repair needs of average garage doors. These factors can produce additional added value for your home as well.

Keyed In engineers can help you determine the best garage door based on your needs, and review an array of existing or custom design options. We’ll also handle the installation, including a battery powered back-up motor that will ensure accessibility even if there’s a loss of power.

Be sure to ask us about how you can control your garage doors remotely, no matter where you are, through your mobile phone, tablet or internet connected computer.

Keyed In can help keep your garage door safe and efficient by sending you reminders about maintenance recommended by your manufacturer.

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The biggest door to your home is the garage door. It should be secured just like the rest of your home.

We carry a wide variety of proven brand-name products, backed up by courteous, well-trained technicians who are experienced in all facets of garage door services.

Our garage door specialties include the installation or replacement of:

  • Broken Springs

  • Cylinder locks

  • Engine and motor

  • Replace Remotes

  • Program remotes

  • Full maintenance

  • Door panels

  • Cables

Keyed In offers 24 hour emergency services. We provide a full 90-day warranty on everything we sell and install, parts and labor included.

Download Our Catalogs

Download Our Catalog​

Download Our Catalog​

Download Our Catalog​

“The bolt was stuck. Locksmith had to remove the entire lock and replace. The locksmith answered and provided same day service, which is a plus. Locksmith was punctual and very helpful. He came prepared to work and provide service quickly.”  Lisa Smiley

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