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Tips For Increased Security

Most people in both Residential and Commercial environments think their locks are enough to keep the bad guys out. They also don’t know that there are simple, relatively low-cost high security lock systems out there that make a huge difference in the security of your home or business.

Did you know?

  • 80% of residential burglaries happen using the victim’s front door

  • 50% of burglaries will leave your locks with no evidence of forced entry (using methods like lock picking, key bumping, unauthorized keys or other devices which leave no outward marks)

  • There is a one in six chance that your home will be burglarized

  • About two thirds of burglaries happen in daytime

  • A burglary occurs every 13.7 seconds in the U.S.

Something to consider in your secured environment:

  • Do your current locks provide physical protection against lock picking, key bumping, drilling or other forced entry attempts?

  • Has your security been tested recently?

  • Has anyone other than family / co-workers had access to your keys in the last year?

  • Are your keys protected against unauthorized key duplication without I.D. verification?

Tips for better security:

Choose solid wood or steel doors. A hollow wood door can be easily kicked in.

Entrance doors should have multiple locking points (e.g. deadbolt + door knob).

If there is a glass window 40 inches or less from a lock, install a double sided cylindrical lock.

Locks must be re-keyed or changed after you move in.

Keep doors, windows and vulnerable areas well lit at night. Consider using automatic timers or motion detectors for turning lights on and off.

Choose a high quality deadbolt and make sure it’s locked at all times, even when you’re home. The bolt should extend for at least 1 inch into the strike plate.

Secure all windows and sliding glass doors with a secondary security bar.

When away from home, never make it obvious: leave lights and a stereo / T.V. working, ask a neighbor to park his car in your driveway, ask a friend to pickup your mail and newspaper. To a burglar it means you’re home.

In apartment buildings, always make sure common area doors are locked and secure; allow lobby access only to individuals you know.

In office buildings or work places with security levels a Master Key System can offer different access level to different individuals.

Remove trees and branches next to your home to prevent access to the second floor.

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