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6 Ways That Window Bars Can Enhance Your Property.

When you own a property, or even multiple ones, it is so important to know that security measures have been taken to defend it when you are not around. A cost-effective and simple way to add an extra layer of protection is with window bars! Not only this, but they can also elevate your curb appeal. A little-known aspect about window bars is that they can actually be customized in order to seamlessly mesh with the look of your home! Our team at Keyed In LLC did some research, discussed what we have learned over our many years of experience, and came up with 6 ways that window bars can enhance your property.

Keep out unwanted guests

More times than not, home intruders will attempt to enter a home through a window or door on the ground floor. This could be a fairly scary thought, especially if you live in a one level home, have a basement with windows, or have bedrooms on the first floor. 30% of burglars enter a home through an unlocked window or door, so it is very important to keep these entryways secure. Window bars offer complete protection from danger and are a phenomenal way to deter criminals from successfully breaking and entering.

Defend your loved ones

When it comes to family, we would do anything to protect each and every member. Windows of any size are an extremely dangerous part of the home with children around, especially when the weather is warm and the windows are open. Typical Window guards tend to be cheap, break easily, and aren't always effective. Window bars will protect your children from serious danger. Children falling from windows can lead to serious injury and should be avoided at all costs. Installing window bars will make sure that a terrible situation like this could never happen.

Protect your business

Our businesses and workplaces should be as safe and secure as our homes, especially since they are left unattended for a portion of the day. Protect your space as well as the rest of the building you may share with others by adding window bars on the ground level. Your neighbors will thank you for it and everyone will be secure. Around 60% of all burglaries involve forcible entry, and as we all know, getting past a sturdy row of bars is not an easy feat!

The weather is not a factor

Besides for keeping out potentially harmful people, window bars can protect your windows from severe weather damage. During windy storms, it is good to be alert for flying objects that break glass which can then cause even more damage to your entire home. Anything from tree limbs to outdoor furniture to debris can take flight and soar at high-speeds toward your home. Window bars will completely block any large branches or other debris from making their way into the interior of your home.

Embrace the beauty

The window bars offered by us at Keyed In LLC add a pleasant look to many buildings and homes. We offer a lifetime warranty, which lets you replace them if the color becomes weathered or if they are damaged. These pieces are completely custom-made to size, style, and color. Perk up your home and book a free consultation today to elevate the security of your home!

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