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Important Questions to Ask Prior to Replacing a Deadbolt Lock

You can find countless sources on the Internet that will inform you on how to correctly install a deadbolt lock, however, there are a limited amount of ways that you can find the information for what challenges may potentially come up. We are here to not only assist you in locating the correct lock for you but to help you achieve all of the goals you would be searching for in a perfect lock replacement.

When your door lock breaks, the situation is much more serious that you might have thought, which means that any delay in replacing the lock could be detrimental to the overall security of your home. Aside from a lock breaking, there may be many more reasons as to why you would need a new lock. To simplify this process for you, our team at Keyed In has identified crucial questions that you must ask yourself prior to replacing a deadbolt lock.

Why should you replace your deadbolt?

The reason as to why you are looking to enhance the security of your home begins with this question. It is so important to pinpoint exactly why you are looking for a new lock. Here are some of the reasons that will actually impact your decision or address your concerns:

  • The deadbolt is broken. If you are in the market for a brand new deadbolt, it is so important to know exactly why the lock broke in the first place. When the deadbolt cannot be used anymore, it can potentially give you some answers as to what you should do when purchasing a new one. The lock could have broken because it was either poorly made or was not the right lock for your specific needs. When a deadbolt is broken, there is always a reason as to why. If the lock has been around for a very long time, then it may have just worn away, which is common. In this situation, the only thing that you should worry about is properly replacing a new deadbolt. Another potential reason that the lock broke could be because of a problem with the door or key. When it comes to replacing a deadbolt, it will only have an impact if the lock actually failed on its own.

  • Boost the aesthetics. When replacing a deadbolt for aesthetic reasons, your main focus should be on making sure that you do not lower your security or purchase a lock that does not suffice. When in this position, you do not want to use a double or singular cylinder lock inappropriately just because it is visually appealing.

Are you adding another lock to your door?

Whether you are simply looking to add an extra layer of security to your door or recently purchased a new door, it is so very important to understand exactly what the situation entails. Many doors that don’t come with a pre-drilled cross bore holes for mounting deadbolts were actually not meant to hold deadbolts. A common example of this would be that hollow core doors are meant to be used in the interior of the home only. If you are planning on putting a deadbolt on a door that is in the interior of your home, then you must make sure that it has a solid core.

The most common problem that comes along with adding a lock to a door where there has not been a previous lock is that every single hole that is drilled in the door decreases that structural integrity of the door. Even when you are adding more than one deadbolt to a door, every single cut is decreasing the very strength that the door has. To make sure that your door is not too weak, you can install metal slipcovers and heavy locks to add to the overall mass of the door. This will make up for the wood that has been removed.

What kind of door do you have?

When it comes to putting a new lock on a glass door, finding the right one is so very important. The wrong lock choice can actually end up making it easier for a criminal to enter your home. For glass doors, we recommend utilizing a double cylinder deadbolt. If you have a hollow core door, there is no reason to replace a deadbolt for another deadbolt, unless it breaks, of course. A hollow core door would be so insecure that the actual purpose of the lock would be miniscule. When replacing the lock on a weaker interior door, having a locking handle will have the greatest positive impact.

Will the new deadbolt be electronic?

Whether you are deciding to upgrade to an electronic lock for security purposes, convenience purposes, or even simply aesthetic purposes, taking advantage of the amazing technological advances in this industry is extremely important. There are so many different types of electronic locks, but those that reside in residential neighborhoods are likely to consider smart locks. It is important to be aware of all of the amazing features that smart locks have. If you are someone that is not interested in the ability to open a smart lock using a smartphone, then a keypad may be the proper choice. A keypad will allow you to still be able to enter a home without the need for keys or a smartphone.

Whether you are adding an extra layer of protection to your property, are upgrading your deadbolt, or are replacing a broken lock, these questions are so important to think about in order to prevent unwanted visitors from making their way into your home. At Keyed In LLC, we will answer whatever questions you may have regarding deadbolts, help you select the ideal one for you, and will even install it.

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