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Secure Your Property this Halloween Season

Who doesn’t enjoy dressing as their favorite character and meeting up with friends to enjoy a night of candy, scares, and fun? Well, it is also a night that you need to take steps to protect yourself, your family, and your home due to Halloween having a noticeable crime spike. With the assistance of our expert team at Keyed In LLC, we will secure your property this Halloween! Having an expert on your side will always pay off, so here are some useful ways you can lock down your fortress.

Keep your shrubbery trimmed

A big thing people don’t realize is how much the shrubbery around your home plays into your home’s security. In fact, your shrubbery and lawn design should never impede the view of your home and the surrounding area. If a tree or bush is blocking a window, it can be used as a blind spot for someone to sneak up to your home and get inside without you even noticing. This is even more important during Halloween due to the constant visitors to your door, giving someone time to sneak closer to your home. An intruder can quickly sneak up on your home while you are handing out candy to a child in a costume on your doorstep. You can also take some extra steps such as planting thorny plants around your windows to prevent someone from getting too close.

Lots of Lights

One of the best ways to deter burglars and unwanted visitors to your property is to keep the area around your home brightly lit. When lighting up your home at night make sure all your property is properly lit up. For example, an intruder may avoid the front porch if its lit but begin to search your backyard for a way in due to your yard being in total darkness.

Avoid Mixing Candles and Decorations

It’s always a blast to decorate your home with lots of cobwebs, spiders, and jack-o-lanterns. All of these frightening decorations can look especially terrifying when you can get the spooky lighting just right. That being said, if you want to keep your home safe and secure this Halloween, you should avoid using candles in your decorating. If you are not going to be home during the night, DO NOT leave any candles lit while you are away. The chances of a fire starting by a candle are fairly low, but as the old saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Greet Visitors by sitting on your porch

Instead of waiting inside and constantly getting up to open the door to trick or treaters, sit out on your front porch or in the driveway and greet them! This will help keep your home safe for a number of reasons, the first being that it will allow you to see everyone walking to and from your home. It will also give you the ability to directly communicate with someone that appears to be up to no good. A simple “Hey, can I help you?” to someone that is skulking around your home is an easy and nonaggressive way to get a beat on someone and see what they are up to.

Not only will this advice ensure a safe and happy Halloween, but it can be translated to year-round use and keep you safe no matter what season, holiday, or time of year it is. Halloween is an amazing night filled with scares and laughs for everyone, you shouldn’t have to spend it worried about if your home is safe. If you need that extra insurance our team at Keyed In LLC is here to help. We can install locks, security cameras, window bars, and so much more for you and your home to make sure no matter where you go, you can have peace of mind. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you and check out our blogs for more safety tips.

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