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How to Keep your home safe During the School Year

With school just around the corner, your home is going to be empty for most of the day. This also means that your home will be a prize for unwanted guests. While you may think it is safe to leave your home unattended during the day, burglaries are can happen, just like they would at night. In fact, most burglaries happen between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. Can you leave the home unguarded during those dangerous hours? Well, here are 4 tips to keep your home safe while the children are away at school from our expert team at Keyed In LLC!

Proper locks

Most intruders enter the home through the front door. This is due to the fact that the locks on some front doors are not working properly. So have you had your locks inspected? Working locks could make a HUGE difference. Be sure to have your locks properly installed and working at their best. Don’t be someone who comes home to the horror of a wide-open front door.

Lock it all

Make sure all windows and doors are properly locked when leaving the house. Most home invaders enter the home through unlocked doors and windows. You’d be surprised how many people leave their entry points unlocked when leaving the house. Definitely not a good idea, especially when no one will be home. It is always better to be safe than sorry, as the old saying goes, so make sure to lock it all up.

Smart locks

Have you heard of the smart lock? It’s the latest and greatest thing on the home security market. The lock notifies your phone at any issue and even has the option to let you set your own fingerprint as the “key” to unlocking your doors rather than the traditional key we all know and love. Sign me up! Check out some of the amazing smart locks available for your home security needs!

Neighborhood Watch

Don’t be afraid to give your neighbor permission to check out your property if they think something suspicious is going on. A neighbor asking a suspicious individual some questions can save you the world of worry a burglary will bring you. Even better is setting up a neighborhood watch group in your neighborhood to protect everyone from unwanted visits to their homes.

These tips will help you make sure your home is safe while your children are at school and you are at work or taking care of your daytime matters. Leaving home without a worry is the best feeling in the world, so be sure to contact Keyed In LLC to make sure your home’s windows and doors are properly secured!

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