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5 Common Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Security Needs

As you move through the many stages of your life, you must continuously reassess your home’s security needs and make advancements subsequently.

Here are some of the common reasons why an upgrade in your home security would be needed.

Living Alone

There are many different reasons as to why you have to spend more time away from home than you would prefer. Some of these reasons could be work and travel related, or for social reasons. In this case, enforcing home security measures that will monitor your house on the go is a MUST. Access control systems work extremely well and can be used on a phone or tablet. An access control system will allow you to control the thermostat, locks, and garage doors on your home. Surveillance cameras are also great tools to have since they allow you to watch real-time video feeds from any computer or smart phone.

Living Together

It is very common for couples that live together to spend more time relaxing or entertaining in their home than when both people were living separately. That being said, having the right security measures in your home that support living together is very important. A potential way to limit those that will enter your home is to have unique access codes that only you and your partner know. In addition, having high-security locks on your home can prevent unwanted visitors from coming inside.

Adding to the Family

The safety of a child is always the top priority for new parents. To establish a safe environment for the child at all times, security equipment can be used to monitor sleeping and playing. Popular tools used by many parents are baby monitors and video surveillance. A baby monitor will alert the parent if that child is in any harm and video surveillance will visually verify that the child is sleeping through the night.


A new home may require additional security equipment or a reconfiguration of the existing equipment. An assessment of the home’s security with a trusted security provider is recommended to ensure that your home is equipped with the appropriate security devices that match the lifestyle of your family. Placing new high quality locks on a new home is a useful first step when moving into a new home.


An upgrade of your home’s security is a simple and efficient way to guarantee that you have peace of mind when it comes to protecting your home. An access control system can provide you with home security features on an easy to use interface. Video surveillance works very well to allow caregivers to check in frequently and make sure that everyone involved is happy and healthy.

As you accomplish more and more milestones, having security measures that can adapt is crucial. Reassessing YOUR needs periodically can provide safety. At the end of the day, there is NOTHING more important than the people that you love being protected by products that are trustworthy. At Keyed In, we understand how important being secure is.

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