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Best Ways to Hide Home Security Cameras

Covert surveillance cameras are both small and portable, making them easy to conceal around your home. For security cameras to be the more effective, it is important to know what tricks work and what don’t. Here are some tips that you can follow to increase your home security and also peace of mind while you are away.

Place cameras strategically

Hidden cameras can enable you to monitor activity in real-time around your property. A camera that is placed in an optimal location is the most effective when:

  • Installed in sensible areas (kitchen, toy room, living room).

  • Placed in an area that is well lit.

  • Positioned to capture a wide angle to have a larger range of surveillance coverage.

Properly placed cameras can allow homeowners to identify and respond quickly when a potentially dangerous activity occurs while they are not home. Hidden cameras will provide visual and audio evidence when:

  • A babysitter neglects a child.

  • A healthcare provider mistreats one of their patients.

  • A guest steals valuables from a home.

  • An unwelcome stranger ventures onto your property.

Common household items for hiding a camera

Many household items can also work extremely well to hide cameras. These objects will allow a camera to blend into the background. Some common items that work well to hide a camera are:

  • Hollow books on a bookshelf.

  • Tissue boxes.

  • House plants.

  • Plush toys.

Comply with local regulations

Before having covert cameras installed, be sure you have an understanding of your state’s laws regarding unauthorized video surveillance. Before being filmed, many states require permission from those that are being recorded. Avoid placing cameras in private areas as well, such as restrooms.

When used correctly, hidden surveillance cameras can provide a user with peace of mind that their family, personal assets, and home is safe. At Keyed In, we can assist you in the installation process and show you how to watch your own real-time video feed to allow you to respond as soon as a potentially hazardous situation unfolds.

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