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Tips for Winter Car Lockouts

Nobody enjoys getting locked out of their car for any reason, but getting locked out of your car in the winter can make a typical lockout much more severe. You can experience anything from hypothermia to frostbite while waiting for your car to be unlocked. In addition, being out on the roads in snowy conditions can be very dangerous. No matter what the conditions are, at Keyed In LLC, we understand that getting you back into your vehicle or home is extremely important, which is why we offer 24-hour locksmith services. While you are waiting for us to arrive, here are some tips for you to follow.

Don’t attempt to get back in

Unless you have an emergency where you have to gain access to the inside of your car right away and break a window, don’t hesitate to give us at Keyed In LLC a call to assist you. You can spend precious time and energy trying to get a hook or wire down to your door locks on your own. Don’t expose yourself to potentially dangerous conditions outside trying to get in. Call a professional locksmith.

Alert a trusted locksmith

When you call a locksmith to get back into your car, be sure that you mention the severity of the situation. Let your locksmith know if you are on a busy road, don’t have a coat, or if you have small children that are also in the car. An emergency with a strong priority will be taken more seriously when there can be negative consequences. There are sometimes cases where the situation is so serious that a locksmith will actually call the police to inform them of your situation.

Seek shelter

If roads are bad, then it may take awhile to reach your car. If you are forced to seek shelter, leave something decorative that will stand out on the vehicle, perhaps a scarf or glove if you seek shelter far away from your vehicle. If you are not around any buildings then you should find a large tree to stand under, but if you are near a building then wait in the lobby until help arrives. If you are locked out during a winter storm, get away from your vehicle in case there are other cars on the road that can potentially lose control. Be sure that you call your locksmith to offer directions while waiting and also alert them if you end up leaving your car.

We believe that your safety is always our priority. Our highly skilled locksmiths are available at any time to ensure that you get back to doing what is important. From automobiles, to homes, to businesses, we are here to assist you! The stress that comes along with a lockout will be quickly become a thing of the past with us at Keyed In LLC.

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