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Four Benefits of a Wireless Access Control System

Cost and ease are just two huge reasons why wireless access control may be a good choice for your home or business.

Wireless technology is more prevalent in today’s age than ever before within the security market, specifically access control. There are vast amounts of ways that you can secure the perimeter of virtually anything and everything, and the shape and size of the solutions will vary depending on the user’s needs. RF controls, card readers, and keypads are just a few options that are available to help secure data in a specific room to even limit access to an entire establishment.

With so many options available, it can be tricky to find which access control system can efficiently meet your needs. With careful planning and consideration, our experts at Keyed In LLC can assist you in finding a solution that can meet the needs of your property. To save you the trouble of stressing about how to secure what is important to you, here are four major benefits of having a wireless access control system.


Integrating access control systems that are battery operated or that rely on software from web-based platforms is an extremely cost-effective way to improve security. Flexibility, scalability, and overall lower total cost of ownership are all reasons why you should install wireless locks. Additionally, running wires through old buildings can be a very expensive and tedious process.

Ease of Installation

Wireless locks can be easily installed in brand new or even existing buildings where wiring or cabling can be very difficult to maneuver. Wireless control systems also can assist users by avoiding disruptions of additional installation fees. By using wireless solutions, a reliable security company, like us at Keyed In LLC, there will be virtually no disruption to daily activities. We understand that your home or business can be busy and we want to ensure that you are able to accomplish what you need to be done.

Remote Coverage

Securing large widespread organizations such as a hospital or factory can potentially be a challenge if you do not have the right tools. Wireless locks allow users to enjoy security solutions regardless of how big the area is that they need to be defended. These locks will enable customers to have systems that will allow for more flexibility and have the potential to grow as your home gets larger or as your business grows.

Having No Card is No Problem

Many homes and business, whether they are large or small face the same types of security challenges. Whether people like it or not, cards can get lost. One major benefit of installing wireless access systems is that the user has the ability to activate and deactivate cards with ease. Access can be given or denied from a remote location via a network, thereby shutting down access to a specific area. Regardless of what industry you are in or where your home is located, wireless technologies have become a major help for a number of reasons. Determining whether wireless access is right for you requires security experts to take a step back, identify potential threats, and look at the overall scope of the project.

At Keyed In LLC, your security is our priority, which is why our experts will help you choose the perfect system for you, customize it, and will even handle the installation

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